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PLUTO Phase Only Spatial Light Modulators

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The PLUTO phase modulator models are based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and a small 8.0 μm pixel pitch. The PLUTO phase modulator series comprises 6 versions, optimized for the visible, a broad wavelength band centered at 850 nm, a version specialized for the near infrared around 1064 nm and a version optimized for typical telecommunication wavelength around 1550 nm (C-Band). Furthermore 2 high retardance display panels are available (visible and broadband 400-
1100 nm) which enable a modulo 4 Pi or 6 Pi encoding of optical functions depending on the wavelength.

Optimized for Different Wavelength Bands
HOLOEYE provides 6 versions of the PLUTO modulator:

•  PLUTO-VIS: Optimized for the visible because of a broadband AR (anti reflection) coating for this spectral range.
•  PLUTO-NIR: Optimized for 1064 nm because of an AR coating for 1064 nm and adopted thickness of the LC layer.
•  PLUTO-BB: Usable for a broad wavelength band around 850 nm and in the lower visible (400 - 1100 nm).
•  PLUTO-TELCO: Optimized for telecommunication wavelength band around 1550 nm.
•  PLUTO-VIS-HR: High retardance version for the visible (high phase shift, low phase fluctuations)
•  PLUTO-BB-HR: High retardance version for a broad wavelength band 400-1100 nm (high phase shift, low phase fluctuations)


Display Type

Reflective LCOS


1920 x 1080 Pixel

Pixel Pitch


Fill Factor


Max.Spatial Resolution

62.5 lp/mm

Addressing Bit Depth

8 Bit

Signal Format


Input Frame Rate



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