Polarization Independent Gratings PING

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PING - Polarization Independent Gratings Telecom Transmission Gratings, 966 lines/mm

100% dielectric gratings offer unbeatable environmental and thermal stability combined with high-efficiency, low PDL performance.

Polarization independent (PING) telecom gratings from Ibsen are produced by holographic stepper technology in 100% dielectric materials. This leads to unbeatable thermal and environmental stability, with no polymers, epoxies, gelatins or metals in the optical path nor in the grating whatsoever. Advanced etching technology ensures highest diffrection efficiency and lowest PDL over a very broad bandwidth. Low angular sensitivity is an added bonus for module design and assembly.


• High diffraction efficiency and low PDL
• Environmentally and thermally stable
• Convenient optical design by transmission principle
• Combined dispersion and beam folding elements
• Low straylight

Sample Applications

• Wavelength Blockers
• Wavelength Selective Switches
• Dynamic Gain Equalizers
• Mux / Demux / OSA


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